I just Adore my newest granddaughter...
so therefore
it's all "About Rose Meredith"

Thursday, March 21, 2013


the following poem was written for RoseMeredith by her daddy expressing the special love they share

My Daughter Says “Daddy”
By Lance Wendling 
for Rose Meredith

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she is laughing
and playing

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she wants her bottle

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she’s got a boo-boo
that needs to be kissed

My Daughter says “Daddy” when it’s too dark
and she is scared

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she wants me to
watch her dance in front of her TV cartoons

My Daughter says “Daddy” for so many things,
but every time she says it it’s as perfect as an Angel’s wings

Because no matter what is happening, or how dark the night is,
no matter the boo-boo, the dance, the bottle or the laughter, it always means the same thing and that is “Daddy, I love you so much” and in that moment the world is perfect.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

RoseMeredith's First Christmas

Merry Christmas Rose Meredith

You have become such a B-I-G Girl and so Smart. Your Daddy and Mommy said you had a wonderful Christmas Day and got lots of sweet things to play with. Pretty soon in just about a week you will be One Year Old and right after that You will become a Big Sister to a Special little baby brother!  Oh RoseMeredith, You have such a wonderful and exciting life ahead of you. We have loved watching you grow this year and are excited to see all the wonderful and fun things you will do the new year ahead!

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

About your Big Sissie

Your big sister Isabella wrote a Poem about you Rose Meredith.

Isabella is 10 years old and she is going to be a very good writer. She loves you very much and is so proud of you.

My Little SisterI have a little sister her name is RoseShe has 10 fingers and 10 toes
Rose has a head full of hair
And also a teddy bear
Sometimes she acts sassy
With her little paci
But I know she loves me too

by Isabella Meares

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

What's Better Than Chocolate?

Happy Valentine's Day Rose Meredith

February 14...St. Valentine's Day. A day for sweet cards, beautiful Roses, Chocolates and anything pretty and special to tell someone you love and cherish them.

Big Poppa gave me a beautiful card and he wrote a little poem inside.
     "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.  If I live a hundred years, I'd want to live them all with you".

He also gave me a box of Chocolate Candy.  I gave Big Poppa a sweet card and also a box of Chocolates.

Your Daddy sent this sweet picture of you taken on Valentine's Day. What a Precious little Valentine you are to us. You are such a lucky girl to have so many people who cherish and adore you.

Now I have just one question.....Will You Be My Valentine?

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Big World..........what it means

It's PINK SATURDAY again and I am happy to be back. Today my heart is full of Gladness, Re-newal of spirit, and much Thanksgiving for the newest addition to our family. I'm happy you came to meet Rose Meredith.

What an amazing world we live in Rose Meredith..........What does the world mean to YOU?

Yes............Joy to the World and all who are in it. Christmas is a time where most of us feel Joy at the same time.
We must help keep our World clean. We can do that by living "Green". Living Green means many things but as a little kid it can start with simply throwing away your papers in the trash can and not throwing things on the ground. It can also mean to use no more of anything than you really need.

Children all around the world are more alike than they are different. We all look different but we have the same feelings. Jesus made all the children. When you are a little bigger, Mammy will teach you a song about all the little children of the world.

You will hear big people speak of "World Peace". It would be one of my prayers that when you get big there will be peace among all people. All of us can help bring about World Peace just by treating everyone with respect and learning to love each other and by being kind.
Did you know Jesus made the whole world. There is a little song called "He's got the whole world in his hands". There are many many countries but they are all in the same world.
When you begin going to Sunday School you will learn that Jesus is the Light of the World. This means that even when bad things happen and we are as sad as can be that we will be just fine as long as we believe in Jesus.

And finally Rose Meredith, one of the Happiest things in the whole world was the day you were born! Yes January 3, 2012 made lots of people very very happy because that was the day we met YOU. You mean the world to me and to your whole family.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mammy's 1st lesson for you Rose Meredith

The word is Thrifty or Frugal. And that means to use what you have on hand and not waste.

I am having so much fun sewing for you. My hands have gotten very bad with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I think this may be helping limber up my fingers a bit.

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was a teenager. She worked in a garment factory. Her name was Louise and I called her "Momaw". She was a beautiful seamstress and made clothes you could not tell were handmade. My mother also was a gifted seamstress. She made clothes for me and my brother. And for all my children too. Her name was Gene Margaret and most everyone called her "Mom". I taught both of my girls to sew.  Auntie Lori did not take to it. She preferred to put things together with a stapler and a hot glue gun. However Auntie Shari loves to sew and she sews beautifully. She  is sewing for her little granddaughter Lanna and we have fun sewing for both of you girls together.

This is the dress I just finished for you. It will fit you when you are about 9 months to a year. I am happy with the way it came out. I hope you will like it too. As you can see there are fabrics in this dress that are pretty costly to buy. Velvet, Chiffon, Tulle for the hem trim and the skirt fabric is a Silk blend. If I had gone to the fabric store to buy all the different fabrics for this dress it would have cost much more than buying one in the shops.

However...........this is the lesson on frugality I want to teach you. I went to the Thrift Store and bought several dresses for Women for just $1.00 each. Then when I got home I washed and dried them. I took them all apart, saving all the pretty laces, buttons, zippers and the big pieces of the dresses. I stacked them up on my shelves in the sewing room and when I have a notion to make you a new dress, I go in and pick out pretty fabrics and WOW what a savings! 

Big Poppa is proud of me because he works very hard and anytime I can save some money for him he is happy. So your little dress cost no more than $1.00.

Maybe you can start saving some of your money when you are just a little kid. I think I will buy you a Pink Piggy Bank for your first Birthday and put 100 Pennies in it. That will be $1.00. Then each time you get a dollar you could put .10 cents in your bank!  Your momma and daddy will be very proud of you too!

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"