I just Adore my newest granddaughter...
so therefore
it's all "About Rose Meredith"

Thursday, March 21, 2013


the following poem was written for RoseMeredith by her daddy expressing the special love they share

My Daughter Says “Daddy”
By Lance Wendling 
for Rose Meredith

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she is laughing
and playing

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she wants her bottle

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she’s got a boo-boo
that needs to be kissed

My Daughter says “Daddy” when it’s too dark
and she is scared

My Daughter says “Daddy” when she wants me to
watch her dance in front of her TV cartoons

My Daughter says “Daddy” for so many things,
but every time she says it it’s as perfect as an Angel’s wings

Because no matter what is happening, or how dark the night is,
no matter the boo-boo, the dance, the bottle or the laughter, it always means the same thing and that is “Daddy, I love you so much” and in that moment the world is perfect.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"