I just Adore my newest granddaughter...
so therefore
it's all "About Rose Meredith"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

About your Big Sissie

Your big sister Isabella wrote a Poem about you Rose Meredith.

Isabella is 10 years old and she is going to be a very good writer. She loves you very much and is so proud of you.

My Little SisterI have a little sister her name is RoseShe has 10 fingers and 10 toes
Rose has a head full of hair
And also a teddy bear
Sometimes she acts sassy
With her little paci
But I know she loves me too

by Isabella Meares

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

What's Better Than Chocolate?

Happy Valentine's Day Rose Meredith

February 14...St. Valentine's Day. A day for sweet cards, beautiful Roses, Chocolates and anything pretty and special to tell someone you love and cherish them.

Big Poppa gave me a beautiful card and he wrote a little poem inside.
     "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.  If I live a hundred years, I'd want to live them all with you".

He also gave me a box of Chocolate Candy.  I gave Big Poppa a sweet card and also a box of Chocolates.

Your Daddy sent this sweet picture of you taken on Valentine's Day. What a Precious little Valentine you are to us. You are such a lucky girl to have so many people who cherish and adore you.

Now I have just one question.....Will You Be My Valentine?

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Big World..........what it means

It's PINK SATURDAY again and I am happy to be back. Today my heart is full of Gladness, Re-newal of spirit, and much Thanksgiving for the newest addition to our family. I'm happy you came to meet Rose Meredith.

What an amazing world we live in Rose Meredith..........What does the world mean to YOU?

Yes............Joy to the World and all who are in it. Christmas is a time where most of us feel Joy at the same time.
We must help keep our World clean. We can do that by living "Green". Living Green means many things but as a little kid it can start with simply throwing away your papers in the trash can and not throwing things on the ground. It can also mean to use no more of anything than you really need.

Children all around the world are more alike than they are different. We all look different but we have the same feelings. Jesus made all the children. When you are a little bigger, Mammy will teach you a song about all the little children of the world.

You will hear big people speak of "World Peace". It would be one of my prayers that when you get big there will be peace among all people. All of us can help bring about World Peace just by treating everyone with respect and learning to love each other and by being kind.
Did you know Jesus made the whole world. There is a little song called "He's got the whole world in his hands". There are many many countries but they are all in the same world.
When you begin going to Sunday School you will learn that Jesus is the Light of the World. This means that even when bad things happen and we are as sad as can be that we will be just fine as long as we believe in Jesus.

And finally Rose Meredith, one of the Happiest things in the whole world was the day you were born! Yes January 3, 2012 made lots of people very very happy because that was the day we met YOU. You mean the world to me and to your whole family.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mammy's 1st lesson for you Rose Meredith

The word is Thrifty or Frugal. And that means to use what you have on hand and not waste.

I am having so much fun sewing for you. My hands have gotten very bad with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I think this may be helping limber up my fingers a bit.

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was a teenager. She worked in a garment factory. Her name was Louise and I called her "Momaw". She was a beautiful seamstress and made clothes you could not tell were handmade. My mother also was a gifted seamstress. She made clothes for me and my brother. And for all my children too. Her name was Gene Margaret and most everyone called her "Mom". I taught both of my girls to sew.  Auntie Lori did not take to it. She preferred to put things together with a stapler and a hot glue gun. However Auntie Shari loves to sew and she sews beautifully. She  is sewing for her little granddaughter Lanna and we have fun sewing for both of you girls together.

This is the dress I just finished for you. It will fit you when you are about 9 months to a year. I am happy with the way it came out. I hope you will like it too. As you can see there are fabrics in this dress that are pretty costly to buy. Velvet, Chiffon, Tulle for the hem trim and the skirt fabric is a Silk blend. If I had gone to the fabric store to buy all the different fabrics for this dress it would have cost much more than buying one in the shops.

However...........this is the lesson on frugality I want to teach you. I went to the Thrift Store and bought several dresses for Women for just $1.00 each. Then when I got home I washed and dried them. I took them all apart, saving all the pretty laces, buttons, zippers and the big pieces of the dresses. I stacked them up on my shelves in the sewing room and when I have a notion to make you a new dress, I go in and pick out pretty fabrics and WOW what a savings! 

Big Poppa is proud of me because he works very hard and anytime I can save some money for him he is happy. So your little dress cost no more than $1.00.

Maybe you can start saving some of your money when you are just a little kid. I think I will buy you a Pink Piggy Bank for your first Birthday and put 100 Pennies in it. That will be $1.00. Then each time you get a dollar you could put .10 cents in your bank!  Your momma and daddy will be very proud of you too!

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someday .................

This is the next dress I am making for you Rose Meredith

And you will be so cute riding your RED tricycle!

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Farm Animals

The Animals that live on a Farm all make Special Sounds.

The Goat says "Beh....Beh". The mamma goat gives milk and cheese. Baby goats like to jump and play. A goat is Mammy's favorite Farm Animal.

Baby Chicks say "Cheep...Cheep...Cheep". They are soft and furry. The mamma chicken is called a Hen. She gives us eggs to eat.  The daddy chicken is called a Rooster. He wakes us up in the morning. Your daddy has raised many, many chicks, hens and roosters.

This is the Cow Family. Daddy cow is called a Bull. He is eating grass. Mamma cow is called a Heiffer. She is standing still so the baby can nurse. The baby cow is called a Calf. The cow says "Moo...Moo". They are friendly animals. When your cousins' Joe, Emily and Michael were little they each had their own calves. They used to feed them with big baby bottles.

Ducks are funny little creatures. Baby duck is soft and downy. It will be awhile before this little fellow has feathers. The duck says "Quack...Quack". They like to be chased. Their favorite thing to do is swim! A baby duck is called a Duckling.

These are Sheep but the baby is called a Lamb. Mamma and daddy sheep gives us Wool which is made into Sweaters and other things to keep us warm in the winter. The sheep says "Baa...Baa". Your daddy, Uncle Jake, Auntie Lori and Auntie Shari had a sheep when they were little. His name was "Wooly Booger".

When I was a little girl my momma taught me a Nursery Rhyme about Sheep.

"Baa Baa Black Sheep.
Have you any wool?
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three bags full
One for my Master
and one for my Dame
and one for the little Girl
who lives down the lane".

Oh this is the Pig Family. Mamma pig is called a Sow. She can feed many babies at one time. Baby pigs are called Piglets. But you could call them "Piggies".  Mammy used to have a Potbelly Pig named "Piggy Boy". The pig says "Oink...Oink". They love to take mud baths.

Oh look Rose Meredith at the Baby Horse. Isn't he cute. The baby is called a Foal. He is just learning how to stand up without falling over. Mamma is eating grass and the little foal is taking a good look around the pasture. Big Poppa used to have a horse and so did Auntie Lori. The horse says "Neigh...neigh". They love to gallop and run. Maybe some day you can take a ride on a horse.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jesus Loves You Rose Meredith

In fact, Jesus MADE everything in the world FOR you!

In double fact, you are HERE because Jesus loves you! That's why he made YOU!

If you take all the stories in the Bible and put them all together, and then you ask me what they are all about, this is what I will tell you...

And more than anything in the world, Jesus wants to be with you, and you to be with Him – FOREVER! Jesus wants that so bad, He would do anything to make sure it happens. Even if it meant He would have to give His life to save you.

And that's just what He did.

That's what the Bible is all about.

What was it again? Oh, yeah...


Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

A Playhouse for Rose Meredith

Ooooooooh yes.

This is what I want Big Poppa to build in our back yard for you Rose Meredith.
And when you get a little bigger and come to visit us we can have Tea Parties!
We will take pretty hankies and make little curtains for your kitchen.

We will have so much fun decorating your little house with white lacy curtains and cozy braided rugs. Lots of babies in playpens, beds and sitting at the table.

You will have little tea cups, saucers, and teenie tiny forks and spoons.

Mammy will help you plant flowers all around the house so it will always be pretty and smell sweet.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Friday, February 3, 2012

All about Penguins......................

The Little (fairy) penguin is the smallest one in the world. This Little penguin is as short as 12 inches and weights as little as 2 pounds. Its color is blue. The largest one is the Emperor penguin. It weights 48 to 98 lbs and stands 4 feet high. The color of this penguin is black, white and yellow.
Penguins are birds which only use their wings for swimming. Because of the shape of their bodies they can swim at high speeds. They are good divers and swimmers. When in the water at times they will take naps.
Some of them bounce instead of waddling on land. Many of these penguins can jump as high as five feet.
The daddy takes care of the chicks while the mother looks for food. Even though both will keep the only two eggs they have warm. Some Penguins lay their eggs on the top of rocks due to the lack of nesting materials.
Penguins move in small groups. When communicating they will use their flippers and head for sign language. Using them they are able to talk to other penguins.
There are many facts about their eating habits. The penguins eating habits are different for certain places and times of year. They eat by using the hook near the end of their beak. The hook helps to catch their food. They eat all kinds of seafood such as fish, crustaceans, squid and krill. Since they live near and in seawater this is what they drink. Although they have a gland near their beak and as they drink saltwater they store the salt there. As the gland is filled up they peck their beaks against rocks to empty it. Some penguins eat at the edge while others eat out in the water. There are some that eat from the bottom of the water. Penguins eat snow for fresh water. Their structure is made to clean out unwanted substances.
There are around 17 different penguins throughout the world. Many live in South America on small islands. There are others that live at the Antarctica, South Africa and New Zealand. Those that live at the Antarctica are somewhat small. These are the Adelie penguin, Gentoo penguin, King penguin, Galapagos penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Macaroni Penguin and others. Those that are in Africa are the African Penguin and Jackass penguin
Penguins are prey for many other sea creators. Some of these hunters are sea lions, leopard seals, Skua and the sea eagles. There are also land killers such as fox, cats, lizards, ferrets, rats and snakes. However the underwater predators are not able to see them. The penguins are camouflaged by the sunlight and snow. Because of their white abdomen they are not as visible in these conditions.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Another baby.....another time.

Many, many years later, the Israelites still lived in Egypt. A new Egyptian pharaoh had made them into slaves, but the number of Israelites continued to grow. So the evil pharaoh ordered that all Israelite baby boys be thrown into the Nile River!
One Hebrew mother could not bear to drown her beautiful baby boy. So she wove a sturdy basket in the shape of a tiny boat, and covered the outside with pitch and tar to make it watertight. Then she kissed her baby and set his basket afloat in the reeds along the Nile River. This was where Pharaoh's daughter bathed each day. Later that day, the princess heard the baby's cries in the reeds. "Bring me that basket," she said to her handmaidens. The baby's sister, Miriam, waited nearby. "Poor little thing," said the princess. "He must be a Hebrew baby."
"Shall I fetch a Hebrew woman to care for him?" asked Miriam hopefully. The princess agreed, and Miriam ran home and got her mother. The baby boy was spared! And his very own mother took care of him.
"I shall name him Moses," said the princess, "for I took him up out of the water." And she raised him as her very own son.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Exciting News ..........................

Oh my has it been that long? We first heard the exciting news last April. In April of 2011 Lance (who will always from this moment on be referred to as "Buddy") called us to say "I'm gonna be a daddy!

In just the blink of an eye my sadness had turned to JOY. You see in June of 2010 our youngest child, Jake was killed and my world fell apart. I put on a good face but I just couldn't seem to find my joy in living. Until I heard those words. Well it was such a long wait and the excitement was building day by day. Buddy had married the love of his life Jessica, a few years ago and she already had three great kids. A set of teenage twin boys' Malcolm and Addison, and an adorable little girl Isabella. So Buddy was happy as a step-father and I don't believe they gave too much thought about becoming parents again but God had other plans. And we like to think Jake might have had a little something to do with this. Maybe he asked Jesus to please send a new baby into the lives of his brother and the rest of the family.

We knew after a few months that the new baby would be a girl and it was determined she would be born on Jake's birthday. January 3, 2012 seemed very far off but the time went by and the big day came.

Welcome Rose Meredith!

And I have been having the time of my life with all sorts of projects dedicated to Rose Meredith. For starters it had been 22 years since I'd had a grandbaby. We already had 5 grown grandchildren and five great-grandchildren so I think you can see how special this was. I had thought my days as a baby granny were pretty much over.

Rose Meredith lives with her mommy, daddy, two brothers, a sister and another set of grandparents in Mobile, Alabama and we're here in Louisiana. Not really a huge distance but a little far for a comfortable weekend jaunt. So Buddy and Jess send me almost daily photos so I can see how she is growing and I am having such fun working on a Picture Journal for her to someday have. And my newest "old" love is Sewing!

I will post some pictures of the outfits I've made for her and also some more pictures of her. Because after all...........it's all about Rose Meredith you know:)

If you haven't "met" Rose Meredith on my Facebook page, I'm so happy you found us here. I welcome my "old" as well as new Bloggy Buddies and especially you Grannies. Hope you'll come back real soon.

Love you bunches of roses, Mizmollye (Rose Meredith's mammy)