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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Exciting News ..........................

Oh my has it been that long? We first heard the exciting news last April. In April of 2011 Lance (who will always from this moment on be referred to as "Buddy") called us to say "I'm gonna be a daddy!

In just the blink of an eye my sadness had turned to JOY. You see in June of 2010 our youngest child, Jake was killed and my world fell apart. I put on a good face but I just couldn't seem to find my joy in living. Until I heard those words. Well it was such a long wait and the excitement was building day by day. Buddy had married the love of his life Jessica, a few years ago and she already had three great kids. A set of teenage twin boys' Malcolm and Addison, and an adorable little girl Isabella. So Buddy was happy as a step-father and I don't believe they gave too much thought about becoming parents again but God had other plans. And we like to think Jake might have had a little something to do with this. Maybe he asked Jesus to please send a new baby into the lives of his brother and the rest of the family.

We knew after a few months that the new baby would be a girl and it was determined she would be born on Jake's birthday. January 3, 2012 seemed very far off but the time went by and the big day came.

Welcome Rose Meredith!

And I have been having the time of my life with all sorts of projects dedicated to Rose Meredith. For starters it had been 22 years since I'd had a grandbaby. We already had 5 grown grandchildren and five great-grandchildren so I think you can see how special this was. I had thought my days as a baby granny were pretty much over.

Rose Meredith lives with her mommy, daddy, two brothers, a sister and another set of grandparents in Mobile, Alabama and we're here in Louisiana. Not really a huge distance but a little far for a comfortable weekend jaunt. So Buddy and Jess send me almost daily photos so I can see how she is growing and I am having such fun working on a Picture Journal for her to someday have. And my newest "old" love is Sewing!

I will post some pictures of the outfits I've made for her and also some more pictures of her. Because after all...........it's all about Rose Meredith you know:)

If you haven't "met" Rose Meredith on my Facebook page, I'm so happy you found us here. I welcome my "old" as well as new Bloggy Buddies and especially you Grannies. Hope you'll come back real soon.

Love you bunches of roses, Mizmollye (Rose Meredith's mammy)


  1. i am thrilled to see this very special blog for your very special grandbaby, rose meredith!! can't wait to see more pictures of this new little angel in your lives ... and watch her grow along with you.

    all my love,
    terry lee

  2. Hello Mollye,

    How could I not be a part of "It's all about Rose Meredith" and her very own Blog!!!!
    I am really looking forward to all the wonderful things you will be sharing about this sweet little Angel Girl as well as all the wonderful things you will make for her!!
    What a Joy!!!!!

    God Bless Rose Meredith and her Mammy!!

    Love and Hugs,


  3. I have told you before the Lord (and Jake) were working in mysterious ways! Rose Meredith is just a perfect picture of God's love for us!


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