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Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Farm Animals

The Animals that live on a Farm all make Special Sounds.

The Goat says "Beh....Beh". The mamma goat gives milk and cheese. Baby goats like to jump and play. A goat is Mammy's favorite Farm Animal.

Baby Chicks say "Cheep...Cheep...Cheep". They are soft and furry. The mamma chicken is called a Hen. She gives us eggs to eat.  The daddy chicken is called a Rooster. He wakes us up in the morning. Your daddy has raised many, many chicks, hens and roosters.

This is the Cow Family. Daddy cow is called a Bull. He is eating grass. Mamma cow is called a Heiffer. She is standing still so the baby can nurse. The baby cow is called a Calf. The cow says "Moo...Moo". They are friendly animals. When your cousins' Joe, Emily and Michael were little they each had their own calves. They used to feed them with big baby bottles.

Ducks are funny little creatures. Baby duck is soft and downy. It will be awhile before this little fellow has feathers. The duck says "Quack...Quack". They like to be chased. Their favorite thing to do is swim! A baby duck is called a Duckling.

These are Sheep but the baby is called a Lamb. Mamma and daddy sheep gives us Wool which is made into Sweaters and other things to keep us warm in the winter. The sheep says "Baa...Baa". Your daddy, Uncle Jake, Auntie Lori and Auntie Shari had a sheep when they were little. His name was "Wooly Booger".

When I was a little girl my momma taught me a Nursery Rhyme about Sheep.

"Baa Baa Black Sheep.
Have you any wool?
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three bags full
One for my Master
and one for my Dame
and one for the little Girl
who lives down the lane".

Oh this is the Pig Family. Mamma pig is called a Sow. She can feed many babies at one time. Baby pigs are called Piglets. But you could call them "Piggies".  Mammy used to have a Potbelly Pig named "Piggy Boy". The pig says "Oink...Oink". They love to take mud baths.

Oh look Rose Meredith at the Baby Horse. Isn't he cute. The baby is called a Foal. He is just learning how to stand up without falling over. Mamma is eating grass and the little foal is taking a good look around the pasture. Big Poppa used to have a horse and so did Auntie Lori. The horse says "Neigh...neigh". They love to gallop and run. Maybe some day you can take a ride on a horse.

Love you more than a bunch of Roses, "Mammy"


  1. I love this blog ma, and I tell Rose Meredith all about it all the time!

  2. Oh this is a sweet story! I so love the farm animals. I hope you have visited Linda at Prairie Flower Farm. She is a wonderful Christian woman with lots of wonderful animals in the plains of Kansas!


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